Scoring the upkeep of Southwest`s dozen adopted parks

The city has posted what it terms a "partner score card" for 76 parks adopted by churches, unions, companies and other groups. The city rates the volunteers in three categories:

  • Cut: "The park must be mowed every 10-14 days so that grass is not higher than 6 inches."
  • Cleaned: "Parks must be cleaned regularly and free of littler. Trash must be emptied and removed from site."
  • Trimmed: "All weedy areas should be properly trimmed (i.e. picnic tables, fence lines, play areas, etc….)"

The city assigns a rating of 3 for exemplary, 2 for satisfactory and 1 for unsatisfactory.

Based on the ratings posted to the city`s web site (covering the period of May 28-June 11), the volunteers appear to be doing a slightly better job at cutting and cleaning than trimming. Except in City Council District 6 (Southwest and environs), where the the cleaning outshines the cutting and the trimming.

City-wide, the volunteers are averaging a 2 (satisfactory) for their cutting and cleaning, and a shade under satisfactory for their trimming.

The dozen parks among the 76 that fall within the boundaries of District 6 got slightly higher ratings: An average of 2.1 for cutting and trimming and 2.3 for cleaning.

City-wide, eight volunteer groups were rated exemplary in all three categories, winning a congratulatory tweet from Mayor Mike Duggan. In District 6, The for National Programs Center of the UAW was awarded all 3`s for exemplary cutting, cleaning and trimming of Lincoln Court park at Jefferson and Atwater.

The city rated seven groups around the city as unsatisfactory in all three categories, including one in District 6.

The city maintains a Google Doc listing parks available for adoption.

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